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Ayursakthi Riverdale has 3 spacious and well equipped rooms for traditional ayurvedic therapy. Our male and female therapists are well experienced in the field.


Traditional ayurvedic oil massage with medicated oil – improves blood circulation, arthritis, body aches etc


Differnt types like elakizhi, podikizhi, njavarakizhi etc. Herbs and medicines packed in muslin bags dipped in warm medicated oil are used. Good for back pain, joint pain etc


Dropping of medicated oils over forehead . Good for relaxation, head ache, migraine, anxiety , stress disorder etc. Different types like Ksheeradhara, Thailadhara, Thakradhara, Jaladhara etc.


Powerful massage with medicated powders. Good for reducing fat, weight reduction etc.

Herbal steam bath

Ayurvedic beauty therapy

Herbal facial, Pedicure, Manicure ,Hair treatment etc

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