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We offer 3 day, 5 day, 7 day, 14 day and 21 day packages

Three day package [2 nights and 3 days stay]

People like IT professionals and others who work continuously with computer for a long period of time can develop cervical spondylosis ,back pain, stress disorder, head ache etc. The focus of this package is to prevent such work related problems.

Package includes
1] Welcome drink [ with ayurvedic herbs]
2] 2 nights stay
3] Breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner [Vegetarian food]
4] 3 days full body ayurvedic massage focusing attention to disease area
5] 3 days herbal steam bath
6] 3 days kizhi
7] 2 days shirodhara

Rate - Rs 13000 per person plus tax as appicable
Couple Rs 23000 plus tax as applicable

Rejuvenation package[ Rasayana Chikitsa]

Rasayana Chikitsa helps in revitalising the body and will restore good health.
5days/14 days . The therapy will be as prescribed by doctors.

1]welcome drink [ with ayurvedic herbs]
2] stay in luxury rooms
3] Full body ayurvedic massage.
4] Herbal steam bath
5] Kizhi
6] Shirodhara
7] Nasyam
8] Vasthy
9] Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea, Dinner [Vegetarian food]

Per person Rs 6000 /day .

Weight reduction package

Ayurveda helps in weight reduction in overweight and obese people. Overeating and lack of exercise are the main reason for obesity apart from endocrinological and familial causes. A good motivation and strict adherence to treatment protocols are required for effective therapy. we offer 21 day package for weight reduction. In some cases therapy may need to be extended.

Therapy will be carried out according to the instruction of doctors

21 day plus packages
1] welcome drink
2] Stay in luxury room
3] Udhwarthanam
4] Kizhi
5] Dhara
6] Vamanam
8] Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner

Therapy will be carried according to the instructions of treating doctor.

Per person Rs 6000/day